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Slovenia Immigration Information Work Permit

Nationals of EU/ UK

On 1 May 2004, Slovenia became part of the European Union (EU). During a transition period (of up to seven years), issues regarding work permits for other EU nationals wanting to work in this country might arise. Slovenia operates a principle of reciprocity, which means that it applies equivalent measures against any current EU member state.

If you are a citizen of one of the countries that have not opened their labour market to Slovenian citizens – at the time of writing: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein – you may gain employment in Slovenia only on the basis of a work permit. This will be issued in accordance with Slovenian national legislation, and is normally granted via an employer’s request, so you need to find an employer who is willing to employ you first. An employer will be able to obtain the work permit only under certain conditions, the most important of which are that there are no suitable candidates registered at the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) and that the employment is not causing any disturbances in the Slovenian labour market.

If you are an EU member considering working in Slovenia it is best to contact the Slovene Embassy in your country to find out whether any restrictions are likely to apply. For UK citizens, more detailed and up-to-date information on the current visa situation can be obtained from the Slovene Embassy in the UK or from the British Embassy Slovenia.

To work in Slovenia a full ten-year EU/ UK passport is essential. EEA citizens are free to enter Slovenia for up to three months to look for work or to try to set themselves up in business

Upon starting work in Slovenia, the employer must report your employment to the ESS within eight days. If you are a detached worker on a short-term contract, your Slovene employer needs to report this at least three days before starting a job. If you are providing services in Slovenia, the Slovene contractor will have to report this at least one day before the job is due to commence.

Other Nationals (Non EU/ UK)

If you are non EU/UK national, you must obtain a work permit outside of the country at any Slovenian Embassy abroad. Be sure that you have a company willing to hire you because otherwise there is no point to apply, unless, let’s say you are in a position to open your own company, or the one that employs you is moving you to its subsidiary. A work permit cannot be prolonged; you have to reapply again once it expires.

In general, there are 3 classes of work permits:

• A permit for an employer – this is issued at the request of an employer. The permit is granted when there is no Slovenian citizen who can fill the position. The permit is usually granted for a year with an option to extend.

• A personal work permit – granted for up to 3 years on the terms specified in Slovenian law. This applies as well in the case of work as a self-employed person in Slovenia, for uniting families, for refugees or when a foreign resident has parents who are Slovenian citizens.

• A permit for an employee – the permit is given to directors and employees of foreign companies that operate in Slovenia.





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