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Food & Dining in Slovenia

The food in Slovenia is generally very good, well-seasoned and hearty. You will find Balkan dishes on many menus, including smoked meats, hard salamis and hrenovaka (sausages similar to frankfurters). Also common are meals prepared in the German style, such as Weiner schnitzels and pork roasts. The influence of Slovenia's neighbours can also be tasted in the ubiquitous Italian pizzas and Austrian strudels. Other regional specialties include polenta, blood sausages, sauerkraut and potato soup. Potica is a traditional holiday dessert, similar to a bundt cake, that is stuffed with a number of fillings, including nuts or poppy seeds. Kajmak is a buttery cream cheese, similar to mascarpone, sometimes stuffed in meat patties or served as a side dish. It's not often found outside the Balkans.

In the larger cities, you will also find many international dining options, including restaurants that serve Chinese, French, Mexican and Turkish cuisine. In Ljubljana, the international restaurants Casa del Papa and Gostilna AS offer visitors quality food at affordable prices. In Maribor's suburb of Limbus, check out the Vnukec Restavracija, where the owner's mother personally oversees the baking of delicious homemade cakes and pastries.

Like nearby Italy and Austria, Slovenia is dotted with vineyards: The country's wines range from the typical central European whites to the unique Cvicek, a sour red wine from the southeastern portion of the country. Slovenia also offers a dizzying array of liqueurs (plum, cherry, apple and blackberry). The local beer (pivo) brands are Union and Lasko.





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